What is a Voice Over

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26 August 2020

If you are looking for Voice Over Services, you might ask yourself what all this is about. In this article, I am going to describe the fun and exciting world of Voice Over acting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to answer them.

What is A Voice Over?

Voice-Overs are an essential need for brand projects nowadays. This is why I am providing my services for advertisement and commercial use. If you have any inquiry, let me know, I have my own professional studio from France and it does not matter where you are. I have worked with international brands and companies.

This section is a bird’s eye view of my services. I am providing Voice Overs for Radio, TVs, Documentaries (related to any field you need), Applications on Smart Phones and Websites, Information related voice over. I have a lot of experience in these fields. If you are in search of the Audio as well as Video Version of your material, then again, I am available for you.

I can also help you to transform your written material into engaging audio. It is because a lot of people prefer audio materials to written one and they could listen to your content on the Radio, TV or any other platform of our choice. I will just read the script and converts it into my voice.

Services I am Providing

Here is the list of services I am providing. I will:

  • Convert text, pictures or visual ads of any type in Voice in a way that represents your brand truthfully
  • Add tones according to your instructions and by using my creativity so that your business makes progress by leaps and bounds
  • Provide Multilanguage Voice over services
  • Deliver these services on time
  • Provide these services from my own studio, so you do not need to meet
  • You can be sure to work with professional and experienced Voice Over

How to make your Voice Over Project Succeed?

The following are the essential steps that are very helpful for everyone about how to create a voice-over project.

  • Find and Complete Your Project to be converted into Voice Over

The first step is to choose and select a project for the voice-over purpose. The topic must be according to what is the purpose of your media. If you want to hire a voice-over person like me, you can ask guidance on this.

  • Record A Voice Over/Get A Voice Over

The next step is to record a voice over if you are going to do it. Or simply get it done from the person you hired for voice over. If you are doing it by yourself, take care of your surroundings. The environment must be fresh and pleasant so that to avoid any ambiguity and mistake during the recording.

Benefits of Voice Over

Here are the benefits of voice-over projects. Its purpose is recording professional sounds so that it is easy for you and your target customers to listen and understand the information you want to deliver.

  • It Creates Authenticity

If you are displaying the voice over with a creative and exciting background, then it will bring a voice to your business, creating Authenticity and trust, and the viewers and the listeners will recognize it instantly.

  • Reasonable cost compared to other media

Creation and production of voice over work are effective and affordable for everyone as compare to another type of media. So, hire an authoritative voice-over professional and convey your business purpose in clear words.

  • Brand Recognition

The important part of the voice-over work is that it is helping all of us in recognize our favorite brands right way. Your brand will be more memorable because of the voice over is correct and authentic.

  • Increasing Your Audience

One of the critical aspects of the voice-over to increase the number of your audience. If the voice-over is accurate and the correct, then you will get growing your audience because of how professional your media sounds.

These are the benefits of voice-overs. Everyone must use voice over for their professional media projects.

Hire a Professional Voice Over Artist

Contact me to know my availabilities, tell me about your project or get a sample of my voice on your script! We can communicate in English, I have been working internationally as a French Voice Over since 2004!

I work with customers working in different time zones, please feel free to e-mail me in English! On my testimonials page, you will find some messages from my international clients.