Frédéric D., Producer, FR

J'ai fait appel aux talents de Sonia pour la première fois sur un film institutionnel. Depuis, elle fait partie du panel de voix que je propose à chaque fois à mes clients. Il est rare qu'ils ne tombent pas sous le charme de sa voix/de ses voix. Rapide, sérieuse et à un coût maîtrisé, c'est une véritable partenaire pro. Sans rien dire de sa sympathie.

Bob K., Producer, UK

I really like your voice, and I listen to a lot more than most. I like that you're expression isn't trying too hard, its very genuine.

Gus M., Tour Operator, USA

Sonia, As I said before, your voice is BEAUTIFUL!!

Paul B., UK Booking Agent

We represent Sonia Johnson for voice work in the UK and have done since 2006. We record with Sonia on a regular basis for a variety of voice projects.

Joan D., USA Booking Agent

I am the president of C.P. Inc, a production company founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Sonia Johnson has been working with our company for 10 years, recording voiceovers in French for our many voiceover productions. She quickly rose to the ranks of our top French female voice talents, and has recorded voiceovers for important projects we have produced for Google, Motorola and more.

Eléonora C., Project Manager, IT

I have just listened to your recordings, I would like to thank you for your excellent work and precious collaboration!! It has been a pleasure working with you!

Bruno G., Voice Talent, NL

Faire équipe avec Sonia est toujours un plaisir absolu. Au-delà de son professionnalisme dans le journalisme et le voice-acting, ses qualités humaines rendent toujours les collaborations très agréables, et ce en toutes circonstances. Talentueuse, instinctive, généreuse, Sonia aime partager. Dès lors, on ne peut qu'être impatient de retravailler avec elle.

Rémi C., Filmmaker, FR

Merci pour ta rapidité, je viens d'écouter..Ca déchireeeee ! C'est exactement çà, je suis trop content !

Valentina M., Project Manager, IT

Dear Sonia, We checked everything you did - it was really a good job. Thank you very much for your attention and care.

Frank F., Post Production Superviser, NL

OMG i simply love it! Sounds great.

Manny E., Project Manager, USA

Audio sounds Awesome. Great job!! Will get to work on it. We will await the Audio for the second course as well. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

Maxime O., Booking Agent, NL

So I just heard back from the client and they really want you.

Tuomas J., Artistic Director, DK

This is perfect, good work! Thanks again!

Christine S., Project Manager, USA

The client is xx, and they listened to your custom demo and chose you for the job.  We especially like the way you delivered one of the samples in your demo reel toward the end - it was for a European security center?  It was exactly the conversational read that we would like.

Sandra B., Producer, FR

…une personne riche, déjà professionnelle avec un panel divers, une voix chaude et posée mais qui pouvait être enfantine, une vraie comédienne et surtout à l'écoute. En tant que professionnelle, je recommande vivement Mme Sonia Johnson qui saura s'adapter et vous donnera beaucoup de satisfaction.

Stephan P., Producer, UK

Thank you - it sounds great! You are a magician with your voice!